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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Energy Conservation Tips

Author: Jaime Agpalo, BSME
 In this time of recession, applying these simple energy conservation tips can lower your utility bills and are easy to do starting in your own home. Remember that a little bit of everything, if you put them together can become an enormous thing. You can generate extra savings by lowering your utilities usage such as electricity, water, gas or oil heating and air-conditioning.
Electric consumption:
·       Unplug appliances if not in use.
Leaving those appliances plugged-in, especially the ones that use power transformers, are still consuming electricity. Examples are: cellphone chargers, laptop computers, battery chargers, DVD/VCR players, TV sets, transistor radios, audio amplifiers/spe kers, desktop computers and cable boxes (if not being used as a clock). Switch lights off when not in use. Refrain from using incandescent bulbs, flood lights and halogen lamps. As much as possible,
replace them with compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). These lamps give more illumination
but operate only with less power. For more information, visit,, or Extra precaution must be taken when disposing of spent CFLs, due to mercury content. For recycling, visit 
·       When it’s time to replace or upgrade old appliances, buy products that are labeled with “Energy Star”. For more information about "Energy Star" program, visit These products are more efficient than those older models. Decide whether to use electric or gas range and clothes dryers. Some of this appliances are available from large appliace stores such as, ,,,,,, and among others. 
       Studies revealed that gas is more efficient to  use than electric for cooking food, however there are some concerns about  safety in as much as gas can leak-out and if confined in an enclosed environment  without ventilation can be toxic if inhaled, or when ignited can trigger an  explosion or in some cases can cause fire. If you live in New York, there is a  law that requires every household to install Carbon Monoxide Detectors in the corridor of every sleeping quarter. If you have one at home that were installed more than seven years ago, it's time to replace it with a new one. For information on gas supply visit
Water consumption:
·     Repair every leaky faucets, shower and water closets. A drop of water that is about a quarter inch diameter is equivalent to 172,800 milliliters or 47 gallons in a 24-hour period. Replace if not repairable. For more information, visit For replacement parts,  visit,,, and
·     Limit your showering to five minutes at the most. More than this period would be considered excessive. Limit the use of tub. A tubful of water is approximately 68 gallons of water.
·     When brushing your teeth, use cups instead of letting the water run continuously. Provide kitchen faucet with bubbler. You can buy this gadget for less than $3.00 from Home Depot or any hardware/plumbing store. This will reduce the flow of water when washing dishes.
·     Set washer to single rinse. Adjust the load setting depending on the amount of clothes to be washed. Set the load to small if washing socks, lingeries and light shirts. Distribute the clothes evenly in the basket to avoid too much vibration due to imbalance. For questions about washers, contact your appliance manufacturer.
(End of Part-I, Watch for the coming of Part-II)
Disclaimer: This article is purely based from the Author's own experiences and personal researches.  It is not intended to discredit any manufacturers' reputation. For comments and questions, send an email to the Author at: To know more about the Author and his achievements, visit his website at, agpalo, agpalo,, agpalo

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